Kerry has always had a passion for art, design and all things pretty. A self-confessed cat fanatic and ‘people person’, she is the face behind The White Letter.

The youngest of four, Kerry enjoyed school life in Belfast Royal Academy. She learnt a lot from her three older siblings but didn’t follow them to Cambridge University, instead she stayed close to home and developed her creativity in Belfast Art College. During her time there, Kerry worked for a national jeweller and learnt the art of business and sales. 

After moving to Manchester to work in advertising, Kerry met Pete (a fellow B.R.A. alumni) and the two became inseparable. Eight months later, Pete proposed on a sunny Californian beach and Kerry found herself in the wonderful world of wedding planning.

The two tied the knot on 17th December 2010 (the snowiest day in 25 years) and after designing stationery for her own wedding, The White Letter was born!

8 years on – she knows everything there is to know about getting married on this beautiful isle… If you have any questions about invitations or weddings in general, give her a shout and say hello.

Photography by David Cavan.

Kerry’s mind works in pictures but Pete’s works with words. The ‘ying’ to her ‘yang’, Pete is a keen writer spending most of his waking (and sleeping) hours thinking up new storylines and plots. Check out his latest novel here.

While Kerry loves designing and Pete loves writing, they both love nothing more than spending time with their son, John and daughter, Emily. The Waughs are often found playing in the beautiful sand of Marble Hill Beach, Co.Donegal.